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1. What is the Mutual Audio Network anyway?
The Mutual Audio Network is the world's largest showcase of curated modern audio drama and audio fiction.
We have over a dozen podcasts in our family to provide audio drama.
While there are literally HUNDREDS of audio drama/radio drama/audio fiction podcast feeds out there, we want to provide a one-stop play for people who may not want to always be hunting for excellent podcasts to subscribe.
Let's be honest. We're thrilled that there are so many shows and that's why we want to try to build the audio drama community by helping those who aren't as technologically adventurous but still love audio stories.
We feel that at Mutual if you love audio drama, you will find all kinds of series and features that you may not normally discover. If we can lead you to a new favourite audio drama company, group or individual, then we've done our part.

2. How is the Mutual Audio Network organized?
Here are the Mutual Audio Network Network Feed we drop shows DAILY. That's right. We have literally thousands of shows on the main feed that are released. This means MOST days you can expect four mp3 files to arrive on your feed.
We begin with the daily introduction which is recorded by our daily hosts telling people what they can expect to listen to for the day, and usually three actual shows.

EVERY DAY our shows are organized by genre and EACH day has it's own podcast feed:
Monday Matinee: is classic, Old-Time radio, live and experimental shows
Tuesday Terror: is the scariest horror tales.
Wednesday Wonders: is the award-winning collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Thursday Thrillers: feastures mystery, crime and adventure stories
Friday Follies: all comedy shorts and shows
Saturday Story Circle: audio cartoons for kids and the whole family!
Sunday Showcase: the original new releases from the United Artists of Audio at Mutual
This means that if you have favourite genres you can subscribe to each of the above weekly feeds instead of the full Mutual Feed.
Every week, those feeds release in the morning of their day.

3. What's the difference between Audio Drama and Audio Fiction?
Some people argue that anything that is fictional is identified as "fiction".
The Mutual Audio Network instead subscribes to the classical definition. Just as television, movies, and plays are identified as dramatic presentations; just as Radio Drama in the past is not known as radio fiction and not readings of long-form narratives.
This is not meant to denigrate or dismiss any form of audio stories. It is only a standard of clarity. Our job is to help people find audio stories that they want to hear.

4. Does Mutual play Audio Fiction?
Mutual absolutely plays audio fiction. We thread original and classic audio books, short stories, poems, and any fiction pieces through our weekly podcasts and main feed as available. We also provide exclusive AUDIO FICTION PODCASTS for our subscribers:
Story Circle Theatre: The best fairy-tales and stories for kids of all ages
Mutual Book Club: Adult audio fiction both classic and original

5. Does Mutual play live RPG podcasts with "Actual Play"?
Mutual has featured some actual play shows in the past and find some of our audience love them. We will shortly be announcing Role-Playhouse Podcast where we will release actual plays from some of our favourite groups.

6. Does Mutual provide other shows that are engaged in storytelling?
Mutual is looking at other podcast show opportunities that support the creation of story in an audio form. Fan audios. True stories. We're open to what you want to do. Mutual is a canvas for collaboration.

7. Who are the United Artists of Audio in Mutual?
Mutual is grateful for everyone that has been supporting us through these many seasons.
Our core group of Audio Drama creators include:
Lothar Tuppan and Ninth Tower Productions/Amigos Collective
Jeffrey Billard and Audio Groove Cats Productions/Amigos Collective
Pete Lutz from The Narada Radio Company
John Bell from Bell's in the Batfry
JV Torres from "The Rise of King Asilas" and New Kingdom Radio Theatre, a subsidiary of the JV Myka Publishing Company
Scott Mosher from CNY Table Reads
Rich Frohlich from Texas Radio Theatre
Tanja Milojevic from Lightningbolt Theatre of the Mind
Joshua Price from Lightningbolt Theatre of the Mind
David Ault from Sonic Cinema Productions, Shadows at the Door, The No Sleep Podcast, Darker Projects and so much more!
Jack J. Ward from Sonic Cinema Productions (nee Electric Vicuna Productions), The Sonic Society, The Amigo Collective etc...

All of these folks create and work on their own projects and collectively for Mutual as the general term of the UAA.

8. Why would it benefit me to replay on Mutual?
a. Replay Shows That Can No Longer Be Found
We've been grateful to replay so many companies and individuals. Modern Audio Drama has been on the Internet for nearly 20 years now.
Many of those early shows are lost to the ages. Many creators have no longer kept up with an active feed, and we feel that losing their works would be a great artistic tragedy for future generations. It is our pleasure to provide a replay of their amazing tales for new listeners.

b. New Outlets To Find New Audiences
In the glut of the Internet. One of the biggest problems is matching eager listeners with content. We have always believed that the more places someone can hear a show, the better off medium is, and the larger our overall audience.

c. A Touchstone for us Technologically Challenged
Not everyone can find their way around a podplayer, a live player, or know how to subscribe to an RSS feed. We believe in Mutual that if we can get you hooked once on our feed to some show you will love, you will go looking for their content on their own feeds and contact the creators to make more work.

9. If I replay my shows on Mutual, will you use my feed?
It would be impossible to somehow take our RSS feed and merge it with all the feeds that are out there. Technologically it couldn't work, but it also wouldn't be fair to listeners if we were somehow able to connect to another feed and for one reason or another if the feed would end, there would be a hole in catalogue. We want to provide as much opportunity for people to hear audio works unimpeded.

10. If I replay my show on Mutual, won't my feed numbers not represent downloads?
Yes, you're right. You wouldn't have complete download numbers from a single feed. You'd have multiple places where you show would be heard.
Here's our reasoning:

The Radio Replay Model: The Sonic Society has been the world's largest showcase of modern audio drama weekly for 18 years. It has been an unmitigated success because it has made it's feed available to be played anywhere, including radio stations. Radio stations across Canada, The United States, through Internet Radio stations, and in other international communities have been replaying The Sonic Society. This does not represent on their RSS feed the scope of their listeners, but the Sonic Society has decades of correspondence from listeners who have turned in to the Sonic Socuiety from their local community and university campus radio stations. This represents millions of potential broadcast listeners that do not factor into the podcast feed statistics. The Sonic Society's purpose is to expand the audio drama community. They would rather be known, than to limit their exposure to just their personal feed.

The "Netflix" Model: Mutual represents the largest curated collection of audio drama from around the world with thousands of shows. We are working tirelessly to provide new tools to allow users to be able to query and search our catalogue for artists, production companies, genres, composers, series, and audio drama ratings types (from General Audience to Restricted) to give listeners a streaming service experience of audio drama. No one has been able to successfully do so in the past, and it has been our goal from the beginning.
If you are a company/individual that wants others to find your works, doesn't it make sense to have a place for people to find you? As well as your own home page. After all, a film production company wouldn't want people to just go to their website alone to find their latest movies. They would want to be where people are already experiencing great movie content.
We've had many people contact our replay partners to tell them they heard them FIRST on Mutual. And that makes us happy!

In the end, what we should be striving for is more listeners not just better download numbers.

11. So how do I Get My Shows to Replay on Mutual?
It's really easy:
a. Email us at: mutualaudio@gmail.com
b. Ask for our waiver which verifies that- You always own your own content. Mutual will never require exclusivity (we want more out there not less, remember?) and you just give us royalty free rights to replay your shows.
c. Let us know what is the best website URL you want us to refer people to find your work.
d. Give us an idea of what Audio Drama Rating you think we should give your shows.
e. Point us to where we can best find your shows
And we'll get you on the schedule! We try to schedule 2-3 months in advance and we'd love to feature as many of your shows in a row as possible so folks get hooked on your stories!